Peru Packages

Perú is a multicultural country, surprisingly diverse in landscape and geography, so that you can find in Peru fascinating destinations located along the coast, the highlands and the amazon forest; from natural reserves, enigmatic deserts, snow capped mountains and owesome Inca and pre Inca cities that show the greatness and richness of a living culture.

Machu Picchu is one of best destinations in Peru, to get there, you must go through Lima city, however, there are many other Peruvian destination that you can’t miss such as: the Titicaca Lake ” the highgest navigable lake of the world”, the Colca Canyon “one of the deepest in the world” and the lush tropical Amazon forest “Biosphere reserve”, all this includes unforgettable experiences such as navigating to the islands of Uros in Puno, exploring the unique flora and fauna of the Manu, experience the challgue salkantay thek, and folow the famous Inca trek to reach Macchu Picchu.

Are you looking for the best packages tour in Peru, you are in the right place. Cusco Tours have options for you, just have a look to our packages in Peru, or customize your tour now!

Lima Cusco Lake Titicaca 8 days

Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca two wonders that worth knowing in Peru. Cusco for excellence the capital of the last great civilization in the America “The Incas”.

The Best of Peru in 11 Days

Enjoy the highlihgts of Southern Peru, the Colca Canyon one of the deepest in the world with its majestic flight of the Andean condor, Titicaca Lake.

Peru in 14 Days

Explore Peru biodiversity in 14 days, discover its coast, mountains and jungle in an adventure that starts from Lima, the capital of Peru. Visit Paracas.